Lagos Elementary School

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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
Welcome to the home of the Lagos Spartans!

All About Ms. Gray

Greetings! I am beginning my fourth decade in education and have taught PreK - 12 and college adult. English Language Arts and Reading is my love and passion!  For the past several years I have worked in intervention. This year my position enables me to continue my "elementary roots!"

As Literacy Coach for grades PreK - 2, I support teachers in the classroom, provide professional development, and work with students. I also co-sponsor Student Council.  I have a Bachelor's degree from UT and two Master's degrees from UT: Reading Specialist and Mid-Management-Administration.

I have served as a teacher, a professional development facilitator, and as an ELA/R/LOTE Coordinator in two districts, where I worked with K-12 teachers and administrators. I also was blessed to work with Scholastic, Inc. based in New York.
While with Scholastic, I worked in Post-Katrina schools in New Orleans implementing a reading intervention program and loved every moment. The people in New Orleans are the most resilient people I have ever encountered. This assignment was indeed the most challenging but also the most rewarding experience I have had. I learned so much from not only the students, but also the adults as well.

I have an amazing daughter who lives and works in Mechanicsburg, PA, and yes, I visit every year! I love exploring and traveling to new places with her. She is my miracle child (survived cancer) and my best friend!
She has two "children," my Grand-kitty, Asher, and I love him dearly. She recently rescued a new cat to keep her "brother" company, Brayleigh (a special needs cat). I have two cats (one a gift and one rescued): CoCo (Wide Load),and Dawn's Light. If I could, I would rescue every animal out there! However, I would have to buy a farm for the room!

I look forward to my continued collaboration with LES teachers and administrators, and am so excited to assist with year two of Lagos Elementary.  I am proud to be a Spartan! Great the day with gratitude because today is the best day of your Life!
"I believe that the best way to be a better teacher is to be open to the idea that there is much more to learn." 
 --Rita Platt in Education Week Teacher
Ms. Pamela Gray
PreK - 2 Literacy Coach
Phone: 512-278-4360, ext 2467